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What inspires me is seeing how people and organisations grow and succeed when they approach activities with a plan that has been based on research and analysis and truly reflects the needs of the customer and the market.

Working with business owners and managers that have a real commitment to success and growth, and are prepared to consider external advice, is a proven recipe for success, and an organisation that I will work with.

Below are some testimonials

In a nutshell, Terry has worked with me to find a new way forward when I couldn’t see the way. He has been very helpful, motivating and supportive and I am now back on track with my business of 18 years. Judy Barrett, JB Market Research, Folkestone

- Judy Barrett, Owner JB Market Research

I have been working with Terry for a few months and I can highly reccomend him to anyone thinking about developing their business. You might be thinking as I was - do I really need someone to help me or can I just learn from a book or from the internet? However, even after my first informal chat with Terry, I has learned more about business management and development than I had ever learned from any book or internet article.

- Kirsten Terry, Owner Shepway Tutoring

I hired Terry as a business coach in 2015 after going through the Growth Accelerator plan. Terry’s approach was straight forward and direct. At the end of the growth accelerator process I hired Terry again to help us review our marketing strategy and develop a three year business plan. We wanted to create a business plan that was realistic but also a stretch. His years of business experience enabled us to bounce ideas and numbers around until we were happy with both the strategy and the projection. I was particularly impressed by Terry’s ability to handle even the toughest questions—and effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among business coach professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. I see Terry as a long term asset to the business, guiding us through the inevitable challenges we will face as we grow. “I would recommend Terry to any business owner, who needs a sounding board, to help them develop their business.

- Jason Rainbird, Director - Flowbird Ltd

Having spent several sessions with Terry, I had the confidence to move forward with my business by putting into place simple but effective actions. The research that he carried out for me was invaluable. I now have a clear idea who my clients are and where they live - essential for marketing campaigns. He introduced me to the world of social media but in a way that I could understand. He opened up new avenues of communication for forging business links. My business now has direction and results!

- Sue Kimber, Owner Pastel Shades

Negotiating Profitable Sales Workshop “I found the workshop to be very valuable and really added to developing my negotiating skill set. Having been involved in negotiating in the past, it’s easy to become complacent and believe you know the best way but Terry delivers the session in an engaging way and challenges you! Great experience and so much knowledge gleaned from the workshop. Thought provoking and can feel the benefits with the way I approach negotiations and planning”

- Simon Finnigan, Ashford Instrumentation

The Botfield Associates Discovery Session - I can wholeheartedly recommend a ‘discovery session’ with Terry. As Terry so accurately describes it, most of us are so busy working in our business we do not stop to work on our business. In my case, it was a matter of telling myself to ‘peddle faster’ without really considering where I was peddling towards; and why; and whether there was a more efficient option to peddling! Terry dares to ask the ‘impertinent’ questions that we should be asking ourselves, but don’t, either because we are genuinely too busy, or because it is uncomfortable to admit that we have a ‘blind spot’. The outcomes may be in part unpalatable and challenging, but invigorating. I am certainly energised and working with renewed focus as a result of only one session with Terry, and I will be going back for more. I recommend anyone in business to do the same.

- John Kirkham, John Kirkham Consulting